Battery Power Bank Charging Pack 26756 mAh

Portable Power Charging Station 26756 mAh

  • Plug it into the wall. Fully recharges in 2 Hours (AC).
  • Recharge from your car 12V adapter in about 5 hours.
  • Recharge from your power station USB-C port.
  • Will charge any of the following:
    MacBook 12″ 2 Recharges+, MacBook Air 13.3″ 1.86-2 Recharges+,MacBook Pro 13.3″ 1.5-2 Recharges+, MacBook Pro 15″ 1 Recharges+, Led Lantern Light(10w) – 8.5Hrs+ charge, CPAP(60w) 1.4+Hrs+ charge.
  • Fast-charging Power Delivery gives you more power in less time. Charge USB-C laptops, phones, and tablets using the 45W USB-C Power Delivery port



Portable Power Charging Station 26756 mAh

Delivers 99Watt-Hours of lithium power and the latest fast-charging technology in a compact, ultra-portable design. This robust heavy-duty power bank holds a charge of 26757 mAh, that means it is capable of keeping your device charged for many hours or feeding a quick boost charge when needed.

You can even charge more than one device simultaneously, with the dual-USB ports. This includes a 45 Watt USB type-C port for quick charging.

Please note: Car adapter is not included.<p.< span=””> </p.<>