Wall Mounted Computer Workstation

  • Name: Wall Mount Adjustable Keyboard Tray Workstation
  • SKU: W1-11142-W09

Adjustable Wall Mounted Computer Workstation


A wall-mounted computer workstation track with adjustable display mount, keyboard and mouse tray, and standard CPU casing holder for maximizing workspaces.

  • Best Comfortable Ergonomic Design that Maintains Good Health: Work comfort that reduces stress and maintains good physical health.
  • Built-to-Specifications: Can be specified to accommodate the unique needs and working environment of individual users before manufacturing.
  • Guaranteed with Product Warranty: Covered with manufacturer's product warranty that gives assurance to buyers in case the product doesn't meet expectations.

When maximizing floor spaces is a concern, this Wall Mounted Computer Workstation is your best option. Unlike large desks and tables which requires larger floor space, this computer wall mount saves space by up to 3 times.

This space maximizer Wall Mounted Computer Workstation can hold everything you need in a working computer system.


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