Three Monitor Arm Horizontal Wall Mount

  • Name: Wall Mounted Triple Monitor Arm
  • SKU: W1-11235-W09

Wall Mounted Horizontal Three-Monitor Arm


This triple monitor arm horizontal wall mount provides greater flexibility for adjusting three monitor displays. It allows the adjustment of three monitor display facing directions. It's easily adjustable through it's swivel operated Z-arm.

  • Best Comfortable Ergonomic Design that Maintains Good Health: Work comfort that reduces stress and maintains good physical health.
  • Built-to-Specifications: Can be specified to accommodate the unique needs and working environment of individual users before manufacturing.
  • Guaranteed with Product Warranty: Covered with manufacturer's product warranty that gives assurance to buyers in case the product doesn't meet expectations.

Wall-mount installation is quick and easy as it can be mounted on any flat wall surfaces. This is very ideal for areas where three monitor displays must be able to provide quick information to the public such as hallways, airports, bus and train stations, malls, shops, alleys and other high human traffic areas.


  • Wall mounted multiple monitor swing arms
  • Designed to hold three LCD/LED screen monitors
  • Long extendable swing arm
  • Provides better viewing angles
  • Perfect to save space in crowded work environments

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