Computer Workstation Track 24"

  • Name: 24" Flat Track Mount
  • SKU: W1-11220-W09

Wall Mounted Track 24"


This wall-mounted track is the most practical device to hold your computer workstation in one place. This is very useful for work areas where workspaces need to be maximized like in medical and in industrial facilities.

Because it's designed to free floor spaces, this wall-mounted track is perfect for setting up a wall-mounted computer workstation by utilizing different wall-mount solutions such as: monitor arms, keyboard trays, CPU holders, printer or scanner tray, and more.


  • 24" wall mount track 
  • Space saving wall accessory
  • Design for additional wall mounted accessories
  • Holes that provide efficient wall mounting and the plunger lock on the slider for height adjustable functionality 

Well Documented

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